• Amro (@shoga14) | on 29th Sep 2017
    I think there should be constructive alignment between three categories in order to encourage voters to go out. There should be constructive alignment between the world problems as people experience them and between the different standards designed to measure the world d ...

  • Michael Ramirez (@smartideamaster) | on 12th Sep 2017
    Fairly simple, most people will not vote for various reasons. Give them a monetary reason and they just might make the effort. Give everyone that participates a small tax deduction. I understand that voting is the duty of every citizen and should be done willingly withou ...

  • Daniel P McGinn (@mcginn10) | on 6th Sep 2017
    As a national holiday, election day would become a true tradition that people treat as a civic duty. It will especially benefit off-year elections where interest groups often try to enact measures with narrow support.
  • This should be required by law. In other words, blacking out any candidate should be outlawed. Equal exposure is not equal time. It means if one candidate gets 1 hour prime time or front page coverage, so do all other candidates from every party. The coverage should show ...

  • Maria Rua (@phoenixchix) | on 4th Aug 2017
    Democracy is not a spectator sport. It requires the people participate to work properly. People should be automatically registered upon reaching voting age and/or become naturalized. Voting is a Civic Duty, therefore it should be mandatory. Non-compliance should be subje ...

  • pbitton (@pbitton) | on 11th Feb 2017
    People died to get you the right to vote. It is the height of disrespect to not use that right.
  • Wanda Stiger (@wrenee8) | in Dec 2016
    1. I saw fewer commercials for the 2016 Presidential voting campaign season (more commercials) and 2. a ground game should have been prepared to get voters out who had travel problems. Buses should have been ordered for the elderly and the poor who might have been inbe ...

  • Jonathan Sper (@jdsper) | in Dec 2016
    The effect is people who don't vote are taxed more. People who vote would vote for this. People who wouldn't vote for this are likely to not show up to voice their opinions, but if they do - it worked!
  • An hour-by-hour schedule designed by voter last name to expedite lines. For example, people who show up within a pre-designated time frame are allowed to enter an "EZ-Pass" line where only people with the first letter of their last name can enter the line. Standard lines ...

  • Dare I say the Electoral College system is a relic from another time. Why do we need this system in 2016?
  • Rob Hoehn (@robhoehn) | in Nov 2016
    A citizen should be able to vote when they are 16. Why not let a 16 year old vote when they are learning the value of civic participation?
  • Rob Hoehn (@robhoehn) | in Jul 2016
    Not all states allow you to register to vote on voting day. This is super convenient and makes it simpler to vote. My idea is to simply expand this process to all fifty states.