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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine produce groundbreaking reports that shape public policy, inform public opinion, and advance the pursuit of science, engineering, and medicine. Our work in agriculture, food, and natural resources cover a wide range of important topics.

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Science Breakthroughs 2030 FAQs

Q. What are the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine?
A. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine were established under the Congressional Charter of the National Academy of Sciences to be a source of non-governmental, private, not-for-profit, independent, objective advice on matters involving science, engineering, technology, and health. The institution is organized into six major divisions which house numerous standing boards that reflect a wide range of disciplinary fields and issues. With the financial support of sponsors from public and private sectors, the National Academies organize ad hoc studies (such as Science Breakthroughs 2030) and other activities conducted by committees of experts appointed by the President of the National Academy of Sciences. The experts serve as volunteers who typically spend a year or more studying a topic of interest and ultimately preparing a consensus report of their findings.

Learn more about the Academies study process.

Q: How will my ideas be used?
A: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's "Science Breakthroughs 2030" study seeks input from the public and scientific community of all disciplinary backgrounds to understand where opportunities are emerging in food and agriculture. Your input will be publicly displayed and the information provided will be placed in our public access files. Names of contributors to the IdeaBuzz Challenge will be acknowledged at the Town Hall and Jamboree meetings and also included in the committee's final report.

Q: Can you provide more specific information about "Science Breakthroughs 2030"?
A: More information about the project can be found here.

Q: Who are the sponsors of "Science Breakthroughs 2030"?
A: The study is sponsored by the SoAR Foundation and the Foundation on Food and Agricultural Research. Additional support for the project from other organizations is pending. Representatives of sponsoring organizations can provide input to the study committee in public sessions and/or submit information to the committee that is deposited into the Public Access File. The National Academies maintains independent control over all aspects of the study process.

Q. What is the type of information you would like to receive and the format?
A. We have provided some examples on the Examples Page. The ideas, questions, and comments you submit can be general or more topic-specific. There is an attachment field if you would like to attach any documents, such as white papers, to supplement information in your idea.

Q. Am I allowed to submit more than one idea?
A. Yes, we encourage ongoing discussion amongst IdeaBuzz community members.

Q. What is the vote button on each idea?
A. By clicking the vote button on an idea, you are voting that you agree with the idea. The number of votes for each idea will be considered by the study committee.

Q. I would like to vote, comment, or share an idea; do I need to register?
A: Yes, only registered IdeaBuzz users may vote, comment, or share ideas.

Q. Why was I asked to provide an email address during registration?
A: IdeaBuzz will alert you by email to confirm your idea has been received and if someone has commented on your idea or @mentioned you in their idea or comment. A moderator from IdeaBuzz or the National Academies may reach out to you by email in the event that further input on your part is needed to clarify an idea, question, or comment you have submitted; this is the only reason the National Academies will use your email, and will not store email addresses provided to IdeaBuzz beyond this purpose. Your email address is not shared with the public. Your input will be attributed to the Username and Full Name you provided during registration. A pseudonym can be used for either or both Username and Full Name. Please see the Disclaimers Page for privacy information.

Q. Is there a way for me to mention another community member in my idea or comment?
A. You can use @mentions in your ideas and comments. Begin typing @"username" and you will see an auto-complete list of matching usernames to select from. The selected community member will receive an email pointing towards the referenced content.

Q. I posted an idea but I cannot see it?
A. All the ideas and comments posted to this challenge through have to be approved by a moderator. Please allow the moderators up to 2 business days to review and approve your comment or idea.