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The business school which motivates its students to "Ask More of Business, Ask More of Yourself", students and alumni of Mendoza want business to be a force for good in the world. The Ask More Ideas Challenge is an annual online initiative that leverages the collective wisdom of Mendoza's alumni base to have a positive impact on society.

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Mendoza Challenge Notre Dame Inspiration Page: Year 2017


There are a lot of different aspects and directions that one can go when thinking about reducing one's carbon footprint. The questions and suggestions below give a starting point.

  • What does your company already do to mitigate its carbon footprint? What have you seen other companies do?
    • Begin by thinking over these key areas:
      • Energy usage – Has your company found innovative ways to reduce its lighting usage, update HVAC systems, or adjust electricity consumption?
      • Supplies – Has your company found more sustainable suppliers, or introduced new ideas to cut back on overall product usage?
      • Services – How does your company look at its choices in catering, dry cleaning and rental venues to ensure a minimum impact on the environment?
      • Travel – Does your company offer any perks for using public transit or carpooling? How does your company encourage eco-friendly business travel?
      • Food – How can food purchases be looked at through an environmental lens to help make smarter, but still affordable, decisions for your office's cafeteria, for lunch meetings with clients, for snacks? Has your company encouraged the reduction of food waste in a unique way?
      • Construction – Your company may need new space at some point in your career. What can a company focus on to make sure a new space is friendly to the environment?
      • Environment – How has your company played a role in either reducing carbon release, or increasing carbon capture? Does your company have a campus garden, native species landscape policy or rain barrels?
      • Paper – How has your company found creative ways to cut back on paper?
    • Has your company run any awareness campaigns, challenges, or competitions regarding the above key issues?
    • What changes can be made in your role specifically? What unique changes can be made in your industry?
    • What do you see during your day-to-day work life that you think could be changed? Feel free to think beyond the office! Your commute, your shared building, off-site company events, etc. matter too.
    • What product, technology or process do you wish existed that could help?