Where do you begin when it comes to discussing happiness in the workplace? Listed below are a few ideas.

  • What does your company already do to keep employees happy, engaged or fulfilled? What have you seen other companies do?
    • Begin by thinking over these key areas:
      • Expectations  – Many times unhappiness can come from unmet expectations. What can employers do to make sure employees can meet expectations and have manageable expectations?
      • Daily Work Day – Are there simple things that a company can do to decrease the stress of Monday through Friday for its employees? How can an office be arranged to encourage the day running more smoothly, and as a result, have employees who are happier?
      • Extracurriculars– Many companies now focus on the triple bottom line, working hard/playing hard and emotional well-being. What are some best practices when it comes to extracurricular activities that a company can start?
      • Pay, Promotions and Benefits – While many studies have shown that pay is not the most important factor when it comes to happiness in the workplace, how can pay and promotions be used to keep employees engaged? What other, non-pay, related benefits can be given to employees?
      • Employee Interactions/Communication– How do companies ensure that employees know each other and have empathy for their colleagues? What is done to ensure that employees have a personal connection to leadership at a company?
      • Professional Development – What does your company do to encourage employees to grow professionally? What can be done as part of an annual performance review process to help employees live more fulfilling lives by doing work they truly enjoy?
    • Has your company run any awareness campaigns, challenges, or competitions regarding the above key issues?
    • What changes can be made in your role specifically? What unique changes can be made in your industry?
    • What do you see during your day-to-day work life that you think could be changed?
    • What product, technology or process do you wish existed that could help?