Amro (@shoga14) | 2 years ago

I think there should be constructive alignment between three categories in order to encourage voters to go out. There should be constructive alignment between the world problems as people experience them and between the different standards designed to measure the world development in different areas. On the other side, there should be an alignment between different standards of world development and between personal growth and development. In order to improve constructive alignment between world problems and standards of development we need to define new standards that truly represent our world problems. For example, there should be a standard for political stability, but more importantly there should be a standard for change management among the globe. In order to align between development standards and personal development we should define the needs that truly shape our current catastrophic situations. For example, we need to cut taxes from the wealthy, but more importantly we need to create organizations that enhance learning in society. By defining new needs and standards that represent out times we help to align between these three categories which would help the voters to appreciate the true meaning of government agency.