Michael Ramirez (@smartideamaster) | 2 years ago

there are definite positive benefits to public transportation of all types, but admittedly there are also drawbacks such as underuse, excessive pollution or criminal elements using public transportation. Along a lot of public transportation corridors the increase in crime is documented and evident. Large hubs for train/trax/trolley for bus transition are also areas for this type of concern. Part of the solution would be for cities to give financial breaks to businesses that provide shuttle service for their patrons and or employees to public transportation drop off spots. This might eliminate or shorten some lines altogether and also ensure that the majority of the clientele are legitimate users. This would also decrease some of the outlying bus routes where they may only be a need eventually for a small shuttle type bus. Also investing in bicycle lockers for patrons might also decrease the need for more extensive bus routes. Citizens may be willing to ride a short distance to a trolley or trax station if they know that their bicycle may be locked up safe, that also might free up monies for added security. Also helping employers that are able and willing to accept alternative work schedules for their employees that may not take public transportation due to scheduling, that may also increase the use of public transportation and decrease congested parking for employers such as hospitals etc. So , encourage employer participation, bicycle lockers, possible education about alternative work schedules and combine all to decrease routes and increase use.