Michael Ramirez (@smartideamaster) | 2 years ago

Bicycles just like cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and airplanes etc. are a mode of transportation for human beings ( as well as recreation), the caveat being that this mode of transportation is not taken as seriously. There are no licenses required, no state testing mandated, no yearly registration and in some states no mandatory helmet or safety laws. These transportation devices must follow the same rules as the rest of the vehicles that use the road, therefore the operators should be held to the same standards. Cities and states should require safety measures, testing and licensing and registration if this mode of transportation even if recreational is used on the roads. This would create an investment in the cycling culture and a buy in to their equality from users of other modes and place this mode of transportation even more equally with that of other vehicles, merging the gap already evident. this would also create a more positive effect in promoting safety among cyclers and other vehicle drivers. This might also spill over to watercraft, where testing and licensing might also have the same positive effect.