briangryth (@bgryth) | in Jan 2017


A growing number of workers are finding alternatives to driving to work. From carpooling, taking the bus or light rail, biking, or walking to work, these methods are all growing in popularity. In order to be competitive in recruiting and retaining employees, employers need to understand their transit environment.


Problem Scenarios:

1) As an employer, I want to know the commuting landscape around my location and how I can encourage employees to use alternative forms of transportation, such as biking, walking, or taking the bus to work.


2) As an employee, I want to know if I have different options to get to work than driving my car.


3) As a job seeker, I want to know if I have commuting options to a potential employer.


Potential App Features:


1) a method for a user to enter in an address and see the transit options around that location.

2) a method to map transit options from one address (such as a home) to a second address (the office).

3) a method to calculate the cost of all commuting costs (i.e. driving, taking the bus, or riding a bike).

4) Providing commuting scores, like walk score, for a given location.

5) a method to highlight the commuting information on a company website.

6) a method for employer or employees to sign-up for transit programs, like RTD Eco-pass or carpooling options.