Yulius Silalahi (@yulius.silalahi) | 3 years ago

Usually if we want to ask for information about people need help, we will go to NGO, or Non-profits organization. But if Non-profits organization ask who can they help, i believe they could ask information from the Missionary movement. It can be any legal Missionary movement, and of course i would promote one Missionary movement that i know : "1,000 missionary movement"


The website can be access through http://1000mm.info/ . I am very familiar with this movement, since i have participated of the three days event that they held this March, which is YPBC (Youth Prayer and Bible Camp). I have participated for 3 times now, (one event every year for one province) and feel the great blessings.


In short, if the Non-profit Organization wants to know who could they help, Missionary movement should have a lot of list of people who need help, especially for healthcare.