Yulius Silalahi (@yulius.silalahi) | 3 years ago

I was born in Bandung, Indonesia. It is a beautiful city, even more nowadays. Since we have a mayor with Master of Urban Design degree from University of California, Berkeley, Bandung city is becoming more, and more unique and beautiful. He created more parks, which very suitable to the culture of the people in Bandung city, which is to hang out.


By holding the Cycling festival, Bandung city could create more awareness to many people about the safety, healthy, and more benefit of bicycling. Not only that, the event will attract investor, tourist, and more awareness of such important event to other district, which in the end may encourage the other city to hold the similar event such as this.


We are talking about how local city governments improve bicycle safety, and in my opinion, for starter, there must be minimum one event or festival to encourage the safety. Here are the factor why it is important:

- The participants will use standard safety to join the festival (cyclist side(

- The local city government will provide for example sign post, road improvement, for this festival (government side)

- The improvement could be used by the cyclist in the future for their cycling activity (future benefit)


The local city government surely will be more than happy to hold such festival, since it brings good to cyclist community, tourism, business environment, and as the main purpose here, "to improve bicycle safety".


Hopefully such event could be held at regular basis, no need to be too big event, a smaller one should be nice.