shahzaibjahangir98 (@shahzaibjahangir98) | 3 years ago

When a teenager enters high school or a college, he/she is expected to become mature and more independent. This means going and coming back from college or even just visiting a specialized market for your college projects, entirely independently. But a major hurdle in this is that most teenagers are unaware of as to which bus or train to take, what time that bus can be boarded and lastly the total cost that will have to be incurred in reaching a specific destination. IMAGINE an application on your smartphone which using an internet connection may be able to answer all the above queries giving students and even other members of the society the confidence and the tools required to safely reach your destination without having to ask strangers the right way and then pondering over their ambiguous guidelines. Also this will help in making better decisions on the factors of efficiency, reliability and the time economy which different means of public transportation have to offer.