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    Build your view

    Your knowledge, know how, and interests make a one of a kind combo. The more complete your profile - from interests, to background information - the more your IdeaBuzz experience will become custom fit to you.

    Show us what you have got

    You can get familiar with your neighbors in Collaborative Campaigns by sharing your ideas, and sharing feedback on theirs. Or you can test yourself in Competitive Challenges where you submit solutions privately for a chance to win. IdeaBuzz is always expanding with new members and new Challenges, so keep signing in to see the best of the best.

    Show us what you've got
    Make a difference

    Make a difference

    Sharing is caring. When you participate in Challenges your ingenious ideas and comments earn more than the just the respect of fellow community members, they earn money for a charity of your choice. You can select or change your charity of choice in your profile.