• Carolyn Ellinger (@cellinger) | 7 hours ago
    Use the recycled glass to form a line of landscaping products - both aesthetic and functional. In the aesthetic case, for example landscaping flower beds or as element in water features - the variety of hue in a plus. In the functional case, as a replacement for gravel ...

  • Matt Penniman (@mpenniman) | on 13th Sep
    Glass has a high capacity for heat storage, and its transparency means that a deep bed or wall of cullet can conduct solar energy throughout its volume. Passive solar design relies on thermal mass to store heat from hot days to warm buildings at night, and insulates them ...

  • Alexa Sylvestre (@alexa.s) | on 8th Sep
    Mixed use glass could be crushed down in small size to make cement. The cement depending on its properties could be used for a number of things from side walks, roads and parking lots to jersey barriers and sound walls. Larger pieces of the glass or glass of only a spec ...

  • Jessica Day (@jessica.day) | on 6th Sep
    At a recent party, everyone loved my sea glass jewelry. I got compliments all night and some of the sea glass pieces go for upwards of $100. Perhaps glass producers could diversify by entering the fashion industry. https://www.etsy.com/market/sea_glass_jewelry


  • Christopher Vail (@cjvail) | on 24th Aug
    Whether we realize it or not, glass is an integral part of our everyday lives. It can be found in our phones, dishware, windows, eyewear and many others. And unlike many materials that we use on a daily basis, glass has the ability to be broken down and reused or repur ...

  • Michael Ramirez (@smartideamaster) | on 24th Aug
    turn the recycled glass into marbles or some other applicable shape and use them in various decorative or non-decorative concrete applications around the city such as parks, walkways, public restrooms, libraries, schools etc.
  • whitney (@whitneybernstein) | on 23rd Aug
    Smash the bottles, run the glass pieces through a water tumbler to soften the edges, then reassemble the glass into a mural mosaic on a giant wall over an empty lot, a parking lot, or under an overpass. Shine lights against this wall at night.
  • Reuse Advocate (@reuse.advocate) | on 21st Aug 2017
    While it is hard for municipalities to keep up with recycling potential within their jurisdictions, as stated in the challenge brief, some are curbing recycling efforts. This leaves an opening for private sector and non-profit organizations to profit. Perhaps a nonprofi ...