• Travel and Hospitality
    Challenges about vacation and travel activities, dining, and destination hospitality.
  • Public Transit
    Challenges that improve and expand public transit systems on a local level, and beyond.
  • Community Improvement
    Community outreach challenges to improve communities near and far.
  • Environment
    Environment and sustainability focused challenges. Together we can change the world.
  • Health and Medicine
    Challenges in the fields of healthcare, wellness, and medicine bringing together perspectives from patients, researchers, and practitioners.
  • Workspaces and Productivity
    Share your ideas and experiences to solve workspace and productivity challenges.
  • Participatory Government
    Citizen input, feedback, and innovation helps governments grow and improve. Join the conversation.
  • Sponsored by an Industry Leader in the Envelope Space
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and its industry partner collaboratively host this technology challenge to identify innovative ideas to advance b…
  • Mendoza College of Business
    The business school which motivates its students to "Ask More of Business, Ask More of Yourself", students and alumni of Mendoza want business to be a…
  • The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
    The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine produce groundbreaking reports that shape public policy, inform public opinion, and adva…
  • SE
    Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation. With revenues of ~€25 billion in FY2016, our 144,000 employees serve …
  • A large, multinational food & beverage company
    We are a food & beverage company with operations in over 70 markets globally and a selection of more than 250 brands. In 2016, we generated ~$2.5billi…
  • Institute of Caribbean Studies
  • National Academies SBS Decadal Survey
    A National Academies study to identify research opportunities in the social and behavioral sciences with potential to contribute to national security …