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  • Stephanie Polizzi ( | 1 year ago
    Most adults with chronic disease value their doctor's advice. However, most doctors do not feel confident in their knowledge of nutrition to help their patients eat a healthier diet. Plant-based nutrition for disease prevention and reversal should be required coursework ...

  • Adrienne Job (@adriennejob) | 1 year ago
    Provide comprehensive ongoing education to the public on how a plant based diet can keep disease at bay, reverse some chronic disease, eliminate the mass killing of animals, and decrease the deforestation of the planet.
  • Neville Bruce (@neddie) | 1 year ago
    'Sarcoculture' is the biggest offender against climatic, environmental, wildlife, social and human and animal health and welfare. While inroads have been started, capturing the convenience, taste and texture of this over-marketed product would be a massive leap forward.
  • Cheryl Reed (@cheryldreed) | 1 year ago
    Research leading to safe, good tasting, satisfying meat alternatives is the only way to wean people away from meat and to those alternatives. After the research and the products comes the campaign. Bacon alternatives will be the biggie, as well as the meat industry's opp ...

  • Carrie Nutter (@clnutter) | 1 year ago
    Please support research on plant-based diets and meat alternatives. Thank you!
  • Cut out all animal products for ethical reasons and cured myself, friends and family from all kinds of diseases... please watch "What the health" and "Hope for all" and read the China Study.... and have great info and recipes
  • mcb (@mcbmdmcbmd) | 1 year ago
    Doctors are most convinced by research when it is controlled and prospective and interventional; ;in other words a randomized clinical trial. They are expensive to conduct, but we manage to do them when there are huge profits at stake for pharma companies and device make ...

  • vliscony (@vliscony) | 1 year ago
    Based on the new nutritional paradigm defined by T. Colin Campbell in the The China Study and his book Whole, the new nutritional focus should be on maximizing fiber, not protein, since a suitably varied plant-based diet provides sufficient protein intake and excessive p ...

  • The United States is unprepared to meet this century‚Äôs formidable challenges of hunger and malnutrition, climate change, environmental degradation and emerging plant and animal diseases. The enormity of these issues is unprecedented and can only be viewed in the global c ...



  • Davide Ciceri (@ciceri) | 1 year ago
    Global food security can be achieved only through closure of yield gaps between the North and the South of the world. Fertilizers are key chemicals to achieve that goal. However, a key challenge is that fertilizers are generally expensive in the South of the world, due t ...

  • Michael Twiggs (@mtwiggs) | 1 year ago
    The desalination of water using nanotechnology without heat is the answer to the growing shortage of fresh water.
  • Kent (@myersk) | 1 year ago
    "Because of its complex structure, meat is the hardest thing to imitate with flavoring and textured protein." (Quotation included in this review: Getting a suitable texture in textured vegetable protein (TVP ...